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Other pocket wifi rental providers in Japan offer 21 mbps pocket wifi for a cheaper price. The 21 mbps internet connection speed is actually sufficient but the battery life of these pocket wifi variants only last for half day and it can only be connected up to 5 devices. High Availability of Pocket Wifi Units.

My initial choices were a toss between GAC and Pupuru since both provide similar services with almost same prices. It is no doubt that GAC is more popular. Highly Consistent Reliable Service. Their service in the past 5 years has been very consistent. Trust me and you can try it for yourself! Unlimited Wifi. Pupuru used to offer a cheaper pocket wifi variant called e-mobile but with a 10gb monthly usage cap.

Easy Delivery and Return. So far, my rented pocket wifi from Pupuru had always arrived ahead of me ready for my pick up. For hotel deliveries, I just pick it up from the front desk upon check-in. You have to email the hotel in advance that you are expecting a package. The hotels will be happy to receive your pocket wifi package for you as long as the recipient name matches with the guest name in your hotel booking and the rental has been pre-paid online.

The return process of Pupuru is likewise very easy since a prepaid courier envelope is sent together with the pocket wifi package. I just zipped up the pocket wifi and its accessories back in the black pouch after use, sealed it in the provided orange prepaid courier envelope and left it to the hotel concierge for mail back to Pupuru. See, the return process is as easy as but make sure you return the the rented pocket wifi while you are in Japan. Definitely, yes! Pupuru has proven to be a a very reliable pocket wifi rental provider with customer service willing to go the extra mile based on my first hand account experience.

My USD 70 Pupuru unlimited pocket wifi rental for a week delivered more than what its worth — a great peace of mind knowing that I have a functioning google maps to save me in case I get lost! Pupuru is highly recommended by Asiatravelbug as a pocket wifi rental provider in Japan. Make sure to book one before you go! Some Asiatravelbug readers have returned from their vacation in Japan and had a great time.

The booking process is easy. Reservation and payment can be done online. It is recommended that you book at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability of pocket wifi units. If you will be going to Japan during spring or autumn peak season, it maybe wise to book months in advance to secure your pocket wifi rental. You can book your Pupuru pocket wifi rental here.

Tiffy, a. Traveling has kept her sane from all the hustles and bustles of corporate life. Her favorite cities are Kyoto and Tokyo and would choose to visit Japan over Paris in a heartbeat! Do you recommend the broad coverage unit over the regular one? We will be traveling up to hokkaido and back. Also yes or no on the insurance? Thank you very much for leaving a comment. It consistently worked in remote mountainous areas and even under mountain tunnels. It worked perfectly in city areas too! As for insurance, it depends on your personal risk tolerance. If you are totally risk-averse, then you can consider the Premium Insurance option.

Hi Tiffy! Is it possible to return the pocket WiFi at terminal 2 in Narita? Are there red post office boxes available in the airport before checking in? We would like to stay connected en route to the airport with our 4 children when we fly out of Tokyo. Yes, you can drop off your Pupuru pocket wifi at red post boxes at Narita Airport Terminal 2. For Narita terminal 2 post box information, you may refer to below. Thank you in advance for addressing my questions. Could we do this for free with the Pupuru wifi?

Our cell phone service charges for cellular data, so, pardon my ignorance, but does that mean it would cost us to read emails and text messages using the Pupuru wifi? My husband and I will each have our iPhones for the first 6 days, and the last two days, my sister and brother-in-law will join us and would like to use the wifi. Do we have to pay for each phone or device? I am confused because I also read: To answer your question: Once you are connected to Pupuru wifi, you can actually send messages online for free such us Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.

It looks like you and your husband will be together all the time, so if this is the case, then getting just 1 Pupuru pocket wifi device will be sufficient. Hi Tiffy, I have ordered my Pupuru WIFI and phone for our December trip, and then Pupuru sent a confirmation and requested a copy of my Passport which they say is required by Japanese law for the phone. Before I send Pupuru a copy of my passport, which makes me very uncomfortable, I wanted to check the accuracy of this request with you.

Without the passport they say they can not send the phone to our hotel. Are you familiar with this law? Thank you for your reply, Carol. Some years back, emailing of passport is required to rent pocket wifi regardless of the pocket wifi provider.

The Japanese law has removed the passport requirement for pocket wifi rental a few years back. For mobile phone rentals however, I think it is still required since there is a mobile sim card inserted on it. I believe that this a Japanese law requirement which Pupuru needs to enforce to abide with local government regulations, rather than their own policy. So it is highly likely that you will encounter this passport requirement regardless of the mobile phone rental provider you choose in Japan.

To ease your concern, you can password protect the PDF copy of your passport and send the password to them separately or via other means if you wish. Your article gave me some amazing inputs, thanks. I plan to get the pocket wifi delivered at the Narita Airport Terminal itself- my question is can I start using it immediately or do I need to charge it using a power bank or on the Narita Express?

Based from my experience having ordered Pupuru pocket wifi in my past 6 trips to Japan, it always came as fully charged and ready to use. I leave for Japan on Aug 18 for 2 weeks and i will definitely let you know how it went when i get back! Thanks again for all the great info!


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Thanks Yasir! Really a great post! Much info about the pocket wifi. But may I know how to return the pocket wifi? Is that mean I have to return the pocket wifi on day 5 since in your post mention that we need to return it while we are in Japan. Returning your Pupuru pocket wifi is very easy. I normally ask the hotel front desk to return the sealed envelope for me and so far they have always been very happy to oblige.

You can also drop it on any Japan Post red mailbox which you can find along the side walks or at the airport before you check-in for your flight. As to the day when you should return it, it is the last day of your pocket wifi rental period. So for example, you rented it for 6 days, you should return it on the 6th day. Thank you very much for taking time to share your positive experience. I went with Pupuru after readying your blog post and it worked out beautifully!

My experience: Easy peasy! My kids were streaming Youtube and playing Roblox at very fast speeds — felt like we were on home wifi. Horrible super slow service. Easy to find everywhere around Tokyo. I even saw one right next to the security line Narita. Thanks again for this tip! Thank you very much for taking time to write about your own experience in detail. I really appreciate it. Therefore, should I just rent the pocket wifi anyway? The device can also be used outside the apartment.

The wifi worked quite well but it took a while for me to figure how to connect to it. Actually, my Pupuru wifi saved me from a lot of trouble during my bnb experience in Japan. When I got stranded outside the apartment building due to unclear check-in procedures for more than an hour, I was able to use Pupuru pocket wifi to make several Skype calls to the bnb call center to contact the host. Without the Pupuru pocket wifi which I picked up from the airport, I could have ended up with hundreds of dollars in global roaming voice call charges.

The thing with bnb apartment rentals in Japan is that service could be a hit or miss since the host is usually not the owner of the apartment unit based on my personal experience before. I hope that the current government clamp down will help make bnb service more predictable in Japan. While my own experience is not that good, there are others out there with some success stories.

Apart from the service of the host, pocket wifi performance depends on a variety of factors such as: Pocket wifi device model — The more expensive and recent models have longer battery life. From my experience, Pupuru works hours with a single charge. Older models or cheaper pocket wifi devices tend to have shorter battery life.

Unlocking a Japanese iPhone to Use with Cheap SIM | Tokyo Cheapo

Pocket wifi telco carrier — Similar to your mobile telco network back at home, some telco networks perform better than the others and cheaper telcos often perform poorly. In the case of Pupuru, they only provide pocket wifi either under Softbank telco city-wifi and Au telco broad-coverage wifi. Both of which are included in the top 3 most popular telco providers in Japan which even locals use. The contract with the telco carrier — The usage limit varies and fair usage policy depends on the contract with the telco carrier.

So even for the same Softbank pocket wifi device, the usage limit may be different. In bnb scenario, in case the previous bnb occupant has used up available data or maxed out fair usage in prior days, it is possible for you may experience slow internet speeds. But I do hope that my personal experience and above explanation will help you make an informed decision. For our hotel reservation, we have to book two rooms since it is very hard to get a room for 4 persons. If we rent one pocket wifi to share among us, will the wifi connection still work when we stay at two different rooms? Or do we need to rent two wifi routers?

Thanks for your kind words. I fully understand your concern since I also travelled with group of 4 adults previously and have to stay in 2 separate rooms. I agree with you that getting a room for 4 is rare in major cities in Japan. What I can confirm though is that the pocket wifi range cannot penetrate multiple floors. Fortunately, our travel companions in the other room at that time are senior relatives and they generally do not need wifi since I do all the travel planning for them.

I am actually intrigued by your unique question so I did a little experiment at home using a local pocket wifi device. While this may not exactly represent the actual wifi distance of Pupuru since my local pocket device is from a local carrier, I hope this gives you a rough idea about the wifi distance capability of a typical pocket wifi. Within 10 meter range without passing any wall — full signal 2.

Within 5 to 10 meter range passing 1 concrete wall — intermittent half signal to no signal captured this can be compared to hotel rooms which are immediately beside each other 3. Within 5 to 10 meter range passing 2 concrete walls — no signal captured this can be compared to hotel rooms that are not immediately beside each other.

Generally speaking and not particular to Pupuru, since the pocket wifi is a just a small device similar to the size of a credit card when laid flat, my hunch is that its wifi range is understandably not as wide as your typical home broadband wireless router which is far bigger in size and with antennas. If I cannot locate the wifi signal of the pocket wifi anymore, I know that my travel companion has moved into a different floor in the shop and we need do some hide and seek. You will most likely have free wifi access in your hotel. Although I fully understand that you wish to have Pupuru as back-up or even as your main wifi.

Hotel wifi can be a hit or miss even for star hotels in Japan from my personal experience.

Unlocking Your Old Carrier-Locked Japanese iPhone to Use with a Cheap SIM

While I may not be able to answer your question directly whether the range of a pocket wifi device can cover multiple rooms in a hotel, I hope that my personal experience and my little experiment above will help you make an informed decision. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. Based on your feedback, we will rent two pocket wifi for the trip. For our itinerary, we will visit Tokyo, Hakone, Mt.

Do we need the high speed or the AU version more expensive? Since this is our first time in Japan, we do not plan to venture into any off the beaten path. In addition, in their web site, I saw they advertised of the pocket talk. Have you used one in your trip? If yes, what was your experience? While there is a possibility that you might not catch signal while behind mountains or while in the middle of a lake, it should not be a problem if you keep on moving. So for example, you might not be able to catch a signal while in the middle of a lake but once you get to the boat dock or nearest station, the signal will be back.

For pocket talk, I have not used it in a real case scenario yet. But my number 1 tip is for you to land in Haneda airport instead of Narita airport if fares are almost the same. Haneda airport is nearer to Tokyo city compared to Narita. Yes, you can connect up to 10 devices at a time with Pupuru pocket wifi. Thanks, Tiffy, for all the great Japan info you provide.

On the pocket wifi topic, I have a few questions that I hope you can help with. So here goes … 1. Is it better to order the wider coverage unlimited pocket wifi 1 on their website or the hi-speed unlimited one 2 on their website? My inclination is to order 2 but wanted to check that. When it says unlimited, does that mean that when you use this, the data use is unlimited on the device and my phone?

Thanks so much for any insights you can give on these topics. You are very welcome. I am happy to answer your questions related to Pupuru pocket wifi. The high-speed city wifi is good for major cities in Japan. Hakone is quite mountainous but as long as you follow the tourist loop, you should be fine. If in case you will be staying in an off-the-beaten path ryokan in Hakone like those really isolated ryokans not in a major transportation stop, I think the broad-coverage will work better.

If in case you wish to keep your itinerary open for sudden day trip changes going to mountainous areas, then the broad-coverage Pupuru wifi is recommended. Just last month, I made a sudden unplanned decision to go on a day trip to Japan Alps Tateyama Alpine Route from Tokyo due to good weather, and the broad-coverage Pupuru wifi allowed me to navigate the Japan Alps area without any problem.

It even had signal under the mountains. Yes, Pupuru provides unlimited wifi. This can be done easily. You connect to Pupuru wifi in the same way as you connect to public wifi. Once you turn on Pupuru pocket wifi, you just find its signal on your iPhone and you just type in the wifi password which can be seen at the back of the pocket wifi device. The only difference is that Pupuru is your private wifi so its more secure than public wifi.

Pupuru includes instruction manual together with the kit which you will receive, so there is nothing to worry about. Global roaming charges from international phone plan tend to be more expensive. So, in my case, I load up my Skype credits in case I need to make a call.

Thanks for your clear answers and quick response, Tiffy. Both pocket wifi variants of Pupuru are actually pretty fast in speed. The high-speed is faster though compared to the broad-coverage from my personal experience. While some hotels are able to provide really really fast speed, the connection can be quite intermittent and unreliable. So essentially, your Pupuru wifi will help you in 2 ways. I was thinking I needed both?

However you are saying if I want to make a phone call then my overseas plan may be needed. Unless I do what you did with Skype? Do I have this right? Pupuru provides you a private wifi connection while on the go. While it does not include voice calls per se, you can use your Pupuru wifi connection to use Skype and make calls. Personally, I prefer to top up my Skype credits and use it in case I need to make a phone call while in Japan. It comes out way cheaper than global roaming call charges. While the bamboo grove in Kyoto is located in a rural area, it is a major tourist destination and not quite an off-the-beaten area.

We plan on going to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and maybe half a day in Kobe. We plan to visit major tourist destinations since this is our first time there. Which do you recommend? Will the city version still function in suburbs and vice versa? Hope this helps you decide and I wish you a fantastic trip to Japan. I looked into the pocket wifi currently there are two options.

I will be in Hiroshima one day and Miyajima for two and Kyoto for 5 days and Tokyo for 4 days. Which one should I pick? Thanks for your message. Can someone please tell me if pocket wifi alloww user to place whatsapp voice and video calls or only send text messages? Since Whatsapp works when you are connected to internet, yes, you will be able to use its voice, video and messaging functionality when you are connected to Pupuru pocket wifi.

From my personal experience, the Pupuru pocket wifi typically lasts between 9 to 12 hours in one charge, depending on your actual usage and how many devices are connected to the wifi. For extra long day trips though i. Hi Tiffy. Thanks for the great post! I just had a quick question did you purchase the extra batteries and damage insurance? With regards to Pupuru pocket wifi , yes I purchased the damage insurance for peace of mind. However, for extra long days, I always bring my Anker power bank with me so I can charge my phone and the pocket wifi if really needed while on the road.

Great blog! I will be travelling Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto for a week. If I requested for the delivery of Pupuru at my hotel in Tokyo and return it either in my last hotel stop in Kyoto or in Kansai airport, what should I do then? I read in previous answered comments that you can leave the Pupuru through hotel concierge. But what about in the airport?

Do they have desk in Kansai? Or is there a way I can return the pocket wifi safely to them. However, I do understand that some people would want to return the unit while at the airport. I checked with Pupuru about your case and they confirmed that the counter at Kansai International Airport is for pick-up only. For return however, you can drop the sealed envelope in any mail box prior to your flight check-in. You can check more info about the mail box location here.

I have actually seen one at Haneda Airport and these red mail boxes are usually located near the check-in counters. My husband, son and I will travel to Tokyo this Nov 17 for 7 days. Is the 10 gb wifi data enough to use for 3 of us? Yes, the 10gb Pupuru pocket wifi should be sufficient for your family if you will use it mainly for Facebook, whatsapp and Google maps while on the road. If you intend to do Skype video calls, watch movies or upload a lot of photos, you can either use your hotel wifi or get the unlimited pocket wifi from Pupuru.

Hope we will have a happy family trip to Japan this coming November! My friends and I will be in Japan from May We have been looking for pocket wifi rentals and someone suggested that we try Pupuru. Most likely the pocket wifi will be used to go around Japan and for Facebook and Whatsapp. Yes, I agree with you that the Pupuru unlimited pocket wifi best fits your case since you are traveling for 10 days with 8 in your travel group.

Going to Tokyo from April via Haneda and will be staying in A hotel in Ginza and looking at pupuru wifi. Seems like hotel pick up is better so that there is no pick up charge? Is this accurate? Also which do you recommend Unlimited or just the 10GB cap. My Hotel has wifi. Thanks for your interest in Pupuru pocket wifi. The reason for the airport delivery fee is that Pupuru uses a third party pick up counter ABC Counter at the airport, making the pick up process very convenient right after you exit immigration.

Airport delivery is recommended for those staying in apartment rentals where it could be a problem to deliver the pocket wifi prior to your arrival and there is some degree of uncertainty during apartment check-in. During my last trip to Osaka when I booked a vacation rental, the Pupuru pocket wifi delivered to the airport had been a life saver. I ended up stuck outside the apartment in freezing cold weather for one hour due to unclear check-in instructions from the host. Using my connection to Pupuru pocket wifi, I was able to call the vacation rental provider using my Skype call credits saving me from exorbitant global roaming international call charges.

In your case, getting from Haneda airport to Ginza is relatively easy and fast with multiple transport types available, so hotel delivery should be fine. Regarding Au unlimited or the YMobile with the 10GB cap version, it depends on how many people will be using the pocket wifi. I typically use up mb to mb per day on my mobile for Google Maps, Facebook, general web browsing and upload of about 30 mobile photos.

In your case, the YMobile with 10GB cap should be sufficient for 4 days for about people. Even wifi in 5-star hotels can be intermittent at times. One of my problems after every Japan vacation is it takes about a week to sync thousands of photos and heavy videos to cloud storage back home. With the Au unlimited pocket wifi from Pupuru , I was able to upload all of my photos and videos while in Japan efficiently and experience blazing fast internet which any money cannot buy at home. If I remember it correctly, the ABC counter in Kansai Airport Terminal 1 is located in the left side of the arrival hall right after you exit immigration.

Pupuru was very reliable pocket wifi rental provider. It was delivered to our place at exact time stated. It provided great service anywhere we go and had extra long battery life. It was really useful! Thank you very much for sharing your positive experience with Pupuru pocket wifi. This will definitely be helpful to other readers. I had to come back and tell you how incredible my experience was with them. Long story short, our AIRBNB host provided our guesthouse address but the time they would be delivering it would conflict with the prior guest that was staying there.

Thanks to your review, I felt confident going with Pupuru Wi-Fi. Thumbs up, I will continue to spread the word for them. Thank you very much for sharing your positive experience. The great experience you had with Pupuru is just the beginning. Hi, thank you so much for the great information. I actually did what you did, went through GAC and they were out of stock and then finally got it through to Pupuru.

How long does I take usually for them to confirm with me? Thanks for your kind words and happy to hear that you were able to book a pocket wifi from Pupuru. The process for Pupuru pocket wifi reservation is usually like this based on my past 5 experience with them. This email from support pupuru. This Order ID number serves as a confirmation that a pocket wifi has been allocated for you for the duration of your stay. Enjoy cherry blossoms next week! Thank you for your fast response. They responded back and said they do not have a pickup counter at that Airport. Still trying to resolve this issue.

The address system in Japan is quite unique and different from western counterparts, so maybe you can tell them to deliver to Osaka Itami Airport Post Office if it is possible. I think Pupuru will be kind enough to check the right Japanese address of the post office for you. You can also contact them over Skype which I did myself before for speedier response. Just make arrangements beforehand with your host to avoid any surprises. Thank you again, you are such a great help. My experience with them is great.

Yes, you can. I have done this myself 5 times before and have not encountered an issue in asking the hotel front desk to return the sealed envelope for me. Planning to rent this Pupuru Wifi. I think the 10GB is enough. I just have a question regarding on booking online. What should I put on the Pick Up date?

As I am a little bit confused. WIll arrive in Kansai Airport on April 2. Then our departure to Manila will be on April 9 at late night. Regarding Pupuru pocket wifi, the pick up date is the date when the pocket wifi needs to be delivered. So in your case, you have to enter April 2 as pick up date and April 9 as the final rental date. I typically use between mb per day on mobile while on the go which includes usage of google maps, travel apps, facebook, emails and upload of photos to cloud storage. So the 10GB should be enough for people for one week.

In my recent trip to Japan, I rented the Au unlimited pocket wifi from Pupuru and it worked like a charm! Hi Tiffy, Thank you so much for your recommendation on pupuru wifi rental. Can you use pupuru wifi at the su way or station..?? Thanks for your kind reply. The railway system in Japan particularly in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka can get very complicated. Trains in the same platform can go to different routes with different stops. So I strongly recommend getting a pocket wifi for your Japan trip so you can save time and avoid stress in getting lost.

Appreciate the hard work you put into maintaining this site. Thanks Don for your kind words. Yes, just like any online purchase, you have to enter the 12 digits of your credit card in the card number field. Highly recommend booking a pocket wifi with them! Thanks Tiffy for such detail, informative blog — that helps a lot!

So, a few questions in regards of Pupury pocket that related to our itinerary: In Tokyo and Kyoto, the autumn is typically at the end of November. In southern areas like Nagasaki, autumn starts during first week of November. September is not autumn in Japan and it is not peak season. You can have it delivered to your hotel in Tokyo and return it from Nagasaki. You can also return it via post office or drop it in Japan Post Mailbox red mailbox. However, I find returning via hotel to be more convenient. Your article has helped me a lot in deciding to avail of the pupuru rental..

Booked my rental 3 days before my travel date. I was a bit apprehensive at first … But I got perfect wifi signal from my rental during my stay even in the subways. Plus it was conveniently delivered to my hotel before my arrival. Really hassle free in returning it too. I will definitely make use of pupuru during my visits to japan in the future and will highly recommend it to my friends travelling there. Thank you so much for sharing your own positive experience about Pupuru pocket wifi. This will definitely help other readers.

Hi there…. Please advice.. First week of May is a major holiday in Japan. Booking your Pupuru pocket wifi next week for May 3 should be fine. However, if you can book it earlier, the better. Thanks for your advice…. Great to hear that Sarah! Hi Tiffy, thanks for sharing such valuable information! Just wondering, how many months in advance do you think I should order online? I just learned that fall season is also a big thing in Japan!

Thanks and more power! Yes, fall season in Japan is super peak especially in Kyoto but it is a very lovely season. For super peak season, it is best to book your Pupuru pocket wifi 1 to 2 months in advance to be on the safe side. I just came back from Osaka for cherry blossoms recently and was able to secure my Pupuru pocket wifi booking 3 weeks in advance. But the number of visitors to Japan is rapidly growing which might cause shortages in the future especially during peak times, so booking 1 to 2 months ahead is ideal.

Thank you for this very informative article on Pupuru pocket wifi. More power! Hi there, I will be arriving at Osaka Airport at night As pocket wifis in Japan typically book out ahead especially during peak period, I suggest that you book your Pupuru pocket wifi in advance online. I have not encountered any problems so far. In case you wish to return it once you arrive at the airport, you can drop it off at a Japan Post mail box before you pass security screening. More information can be found below.

Or do you think they will not have any available? Thank you. I would like to ask if its safe to send a scanned copy of my passport to reserve a pupuru pocket wifi? Do you think I can squeeze Kyoto even just for a day? Pupuru just made their booking process simpler recently and they do not require sending of scanned passports anymore. So you can go ahead with the pocket wifi booking without worrying about their previous requirement of sending scanned passport.

Kyoto can be reached in less than an hour train ride from Osaka. If you like nature and historical places, you can give up some of your days in Osaka to spend more time in Kyoto. Great review! I found your post very helpful and informative — thank you very much for sharing this information. Thanks for the kind words! I have used Pupuru twice in Japan and never had any issues with exhausted monthly data limit with the e-mobile pocket wifi so far. If you will only use it for google maps and social media updates while on the go, you should be fine with the emobile pocket wifi unit. Nice review!

Thanks for dropping by Asiatravelbug. The right type of pocket wifi depends on your needs. If you will use the pocket wifi as your secondary internet connection and will primarily use it for Google Maps, Skype messages and access to social media while on the go, then the e-mobile brand will suffice. Thanks for all the great advice!

I am planning a trip to Japan and have been using your articles extensively. What is the difference? I see you talk about E-mobile above, why choose that one? If so, then it seems the external battery would usually be unnecessary 3 You mention that there is a 10 GB cap, but Pupuru offers a no data limit option — is this new? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for all your help!

Thank you for your kind words. Please find my answers below. Also, my experience with the long battery life has been consistent as a repeat customer. E-mobile has 10GB data limit which refreshes at the start of each month. However, Pupuru is able to internally track the cumulative data usage of pocket wifi before the unit gets dispatched to customers, making sure that pocket wifi can still be used. However, you can request the pocket wifi to be delivered at the airport as you do the online booking. More information can be found on their website here. Is it easy to access free wifi services in Osaka and Kyoto?

Actually, I toured around Osaka and Kyoto without a pocket wifi before and got lost a couple of times. If I would re-do it, I would definitely get a pocket wifi to make the journey much more efficient and to save time. Free public wifi tends to be unreliable when you need it the most. Some of the backstreets in Kyoto do not have commercial establishments so free wifi is hard to find in case you get lost in back alleys.

Speaking from personal experience, I strongly recommend visitors to Japan to rent pocket wifi so you can have an access to Google Maps and train schedules while on the go. Tiffy, Thank you so much for your information. I think i might need to get the portable wifi with me for the trip. Did you take damage insurance or not? Losing something while on travel is definitely a valid risk, though in Japan, the risk of getting an electronic device stolen is low as long as you practice common care. Yes, I purchased the damage insurance from Pupuru for the past 2 times I used them.

Hi Tiffy!! Are you Pinoy? My family plans to visit Tokyo this December, we have never been to Tokyo before and I was hoping if I could ask you directly for advice on which area to stay and what to do? If we will rent an apartment, how do we get the pupuru wifi stick? Maybe no one will be at the apartment to receive it or it might get stolen? Happy to hear that your family will have a vacation in Tokyo this December. To be honest, I have never stayed in a short term apartment rental in Tokyo and my experience with Pupuru delivery has always been to hotels.

But Pupuru does delivery to homes in Japan and you can indicate the apartment address as delivery address when you book your Pupuru pocket wifi online. Tokyo is a safe place and I think the probability of theft is very low. As long as you coordinate with your apartment host on the delivery and logistical matters, I do not see any issue. Another option would be to request Pupuru to deliver your pocket wifi to Narita or Haneda airport so you can pick it up from there. Regarding your question as to where to stay and what to do in Tokyo, below posts might help! Where to Stay in Tokyo Tokyo Itinerary.

I hope this helps.


If you have any other questions, you can reply in the comments section or you may reach me here. Thanks for this very helpful post. I will be in Japan for two weeks in November and I was just wondering if the basic charges come with accessories i. Thanks for visiting Asiatravelbug! When you avail the pocket wifi rental from Pupuru, you will get the charger along with it at no additional cost. The Pupuru pocket wifi has its own built in battery that can last up to 12 hours.

You get what you see in the first photo. You can book your Pupuru pocket wifi here. Hi there! Thanks for the article, very useful. I just placed an order yesterday, and today I got an e-mail from them asking for a copy of my passport?! It is the legit website as I clicked through your link in the article, but I am kinda skeptical to send a copy of my passport to be honest.

Many thanks. The scanned passport is a standard requirement of Pupuru so their request is something normal. I do think it is a fair requirement since the company will be lending a pocket wifi unit which costs more than the rental fee, without any upfront security deposit. I understand that some people maybe uncomfortable sending scanned passports. Also, double check if you are sending the file to the right email address ending with pupuru.

Just curious what kind of charger do you have or are you using to power all your devices in your picture? You should be able to find it in local computer stores. I have used this charger extensively in my travels to Japan and beyond.

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No keitai rental this trip. I also bought a MAhr external battery pack smaller than an iPhone to keep all of the devices charged up when I'm away from power. I don't know if this is of any use or not, but I saw it the other day when looking around the ANA website:. We used it to connect a laptop and 2 iPhone 4s.

Performance speed was reliable and fast. We saved a lot of money as roaming voice and data charges through our US carriers would have been astronomical. We were able to use Skype on our iPhone with the device. The device worked well in Tokyo , Kyoto , downtown Kanazawa.

The signal strength was weak in Matsumoto. Rentafone does state that coverage may be hard to find in rural areas. We found this to be true while hiking across the Japan Alps and during a stay in the Kurobe Gorge area. The device will not work well on the bullet train between Tokyo and Kyoto as it will not function while traveling through tunnels.

Picked up and returned at Narita post office though they provided a courier envelope , connected 4 devices will handle 5 , and was often faster than the WiFi provided in our accommodations. Uses eMobile. Worked everywhere except in the mountains in Unzen outside Nagasaki and in train tunnels! Strongly recommend. Battery life is the only issue. They have tons of options, capacities and form factors. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Profile Join. Travel feed: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.

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