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If you want to be able to silence your phone by turning it face down, the Flip to silence feature must be switched on. Have a private conversation with someone and the person's name or phone number. The conference call is put on hold on your phone. The other people continue the conference call. To return to the conference call, tap.

Forward calls to another phone Can't always answer the phone, but don't want to miss any incoming calls? You can forward them to another phone number. Use visual voice mail Visual voice mail allows you to see a list of your voice messages and choose which one to play or delete. You may need to contact your service provider to get this service on your phone. Check which numbers are blocked Tap blocked numbers. Get notifications about blocked calls or messages Tap advanced, and switch Notifications to On Contacts You can save and organize your friends' phone numbers, addresses, and other contact information in the People hub.

You can also get in touch with your friends through social networking services. If you're signed in to several accounts, select the account to which you want to save the contact.

Microsoft Nokia Series

Add the contact details, and tap Tip: Your contacts are backed up automatically to your Microsoft account. Jump to a letter or character in your contacts list Tap any letter in the contacts list on the left, and in the following menu, tap the first letter or character for the name you want.

Use a voice command In any view, press and hold , and say Call or Text and the contact's name. Tap continue, and switch Bluetooth on. Select your old phone from the list of found devices, and follow the instructions shown on both phones. If your contacts are written in a language that is not supported by your new phone, the contact info may not be shown correctly.

Share your plans with your family and friends Want to gather with people, but find it difficult to set a date and time convenient for everybody? You can invite others to chat, and privately share a calendar, photos, or notes, such as shopping lists. Although this feature works best on Windows Phone 8 and later releases, phones running on Windows Phone 7 can join rooms and set up shared calendars.

See your friends' status updates After you set up your social networking services, such as Twitter, on your phone, you can follow your friends' status updates in the People hub. People, and swipe to what's new. Post your status If you feel like reaching out to your friends, let them know what's on your mind. Post a status update to the social networking services that you use. If you start writing a message and switch to another app before sending it, you can continue your message when you return to Messaging. The draft message is deleted when sent.

To add a recipient from your contacts list, tap , or start writing a name. Characters with accents, other marks, or some language options, take more space, and limit the number of characters that can be sent in a single message. Using services or downloading content, including free items, may cause the transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data costs. To save on data costs, use a Wi-Fi network connection with Skype whenever possible. Send your location in a message Asked your friends to come and meet you, but they don't know the place?

Send them your location on a map. This feature may not be available for all regions.

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User Guide for Microsoft Nokia Mobile Phone, Free Instruction Manual - 1

Mail You can use your phone to read and reply to mail when you're on the go. On the start screen, tap To send and receive mail, you must be connected to the internet. Add a mailbox Do you use different mail addresses for business and leisure? You can add several mailboxes to your phone. Tap and hold the mailbox, and tap delete. Exchange Would you like to have your work mail, contacts, and calendar at hand, whether you are sitting by your computer or on the go with your phone? You can sync the important content between your phone and a Microsoft Exchange server.

How to setup the Internet settings on Nokia Lumia Device (English)

To read your mail, tap the tile. Send mail Don't let your mail pile up. Use your phone to read and write mail on the go. On the start screen, tap 2. Tap and an account, if you have linked inboxes. If a mail contains a web address, tap it to go to the website. Read mail in a conversation In your mailbox, tap the conversation that includes the mail, and tap the mail.

A conversation with unread mail is marked in a different color. Save an attachment With the mail open, tap the attachment, such as a photo, and it downloads to your phone. Delete one mail Open the mail, and tap View mails separately Mails are grouped by title in conversations. A conversation also includes your replies.

If you'd like to view all your mails separately, you can switch the conversations feature off. You can upload your photos to OneDrive for easy access from your phone, tablet, or computer. Change the default camera You can change the default camera app from Nokia Camera to Microsoft Camera — whichever you prefer. You can also open photos in Nokia Camera while viewing them in the Photos hub. Glam up your selfie Use the Nokia Glam Me app to take cool selfies with the front or main camera.

Your picture is automatically enhanced and ready to be shared in a snap. Advanced photography Take photos like a pro Would you like to use your full creative potential, and take professional-looking photos? With Nokia Camera, you can manually adjust the camera settings both in camera and video mode. On the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap Take a look at these tips and learn more about your high-resolution camera. Tap the face you want to change, and swipe left to find an alternative face.

Tap the face you want to use. Repeat steps 4—5 for all the faces you'd like to change. Then tap the screen again, and tap Add movement to your photos Do you want to create magical photos that seem almost alive? Use the Nokia Cinemagraph app to animate your still photos. If you don't yet have the Nokia Cinemagraph app, you can download it from www. Photos and videos Shot lots of great photos and videos? Here's how you view, organize, share, and edit them.

Photos hub The photos you've taken or videos you've recorded with your phone are saved to the Photos hub, where you can browse and view them. To find your photos and videos easily, mark your favorites, or organize them into albums. To view a photo you've taken, tap Camera Roll and the photo. To view the next photo, swipe left. To view the previous photo, swipe right.

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Zoom in or out Place 2 fingers on the screen, and slide your fingers together or apart. Create the stories of your life Let your photos tell the stories of your life with Nokia Storyteller. Your phone needs access to your location info. To save the edited photo, tap Add cool special effects to your photos Want to take photo editing to the next level?

Nokia Lumia 635 Manual / User Guide

With Nokia Creative Studio, you can add cool special effects to your favorite photos. Switch location services on Use map apps to find out where you are, and save your location to the photos you take. Apps can use your location info to offer you a wider variety of services.

Internet Learn how to create wireless connections and browse the web while keeping your data costs down. Define internet connections Does your network service provider charge you a fixed fee for data transfer or on a pay-as-you-use basis? Change the Wi-Fi and mobile data settings to reduce your data costs while roaming and at home. Use your data plan efficiently Worried about your data usage costs? The data sense app helps you find more efficient ways to use mobile data and track your usage. This app can cut off data connections entirely if needed.

On the start screen, swipe left, and tap data sense. You can also double-tap the screen. Open a new tab When you want to visit several websites at the same time, you can open new browser tabs and switch between them. Internet Explorer. Switch between tabs and the tab you want. Add a website to your favorites If you visit the same websites all the time, add them to your favorites, so you can access them quickly.

Go to a website. Edit the name if you want to, and tap Tip: You can also pin your favorite websites to the start screen. Entertainment Having a spare moment and in need of entertainment? Learn how to watch videos, listen to your favorite music, and play games. Watch and listen You can use your phone to watch videos and listen to music and podcasts while on the move. Play music Listen to your favorite music wherever you are. Fast-forward or rewind Tap and hold Project your screen over Wi-Fi Want to watch a video on a bigger screen?

Project your screen over Wi-Fi on a compatible TV, monitor, or projector. The other device must support Miracast technology. Projection of copyrighted material may be restricted. Keep yourself entertained by downloading and playing games on your phone. Get new games Head to games store to download and install new games on your phone. For more info on feature and service availability, see the How-to section at www. Play a game Gaming on your phone is a truly social experience.

Xbox, Microsoft's gaming service, lets you play games with your friends and use your gamer profile to keep track of game scores and achievements. Office Keep yourself organized. Learn how to use the calendar and the Microsoft Office apps. Go to the Office hub to create and edit Word documents and Excel workbooks, open and view PowerPoint slide shows, and share documents using SharePoint. Tap Office, swipe to places, and tap the location of the PowerPoint file you want to view. Tap a PowerPoint file, and turn your phone to landscape mode.

To save the changes, press If you have a Microsoft account set up on your phone, your changes are saved and synced to your default Personal Web notebook on OneDrive. Otherwise, your changes are saved on your phone. Tips for business users Use your phone efficiently at work. Work with mail and calendar on your phone and PC You can use different mail addresses for business and leisure.

You can add several mailboxes to your phone and use the same mail account both on your phone and on your PC, be it Outlook, Office , or any other mail account. To add a VPN profile, tap 2. Switch Connect automatically to On 3. Write the profile info as instructed by your company IT administrator. Your phone automatically connects to the VPN when it is required. Learn how to connect to accessories and networks, transfer files, create backups, lock your phone, and keep the software up to date. Update your phone software Stay in step with the beat — update your phone software and apps wirelessly to get new and enhanced features for your phone.

Check Store for app updates. After the update, check the Nokia Care app or support pages for your new user guide.

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  6. Switch off automatic update downloading If you want to keep tight control of your data costs while roaming, you can switch off automatic update downloading. Select the connection you want to use. Wi-Fi positioning improves positioning accuracy when satellite signals are not available, especially when you are indoors or between tall buildings. Your phone connects back to the Wi-Fi network automatically. You may need to type in a passcode. For details, see your headset user guide.

    These connection instructions also apply to other Bluetooth accessories. Disconnect the headset Tap the connected headset in the list. When you switch the headset on again, the connection reopens automatically. To remove the pairing, tap and hold the headset in the list of Bluetooth devices, and tap delete.

    Memory and storage Learn how to manage your photos, apps and other stuff on your phone. Back up and restore data on your phone Accidents can happen — so set your phone to back up your settings and stuff to your Microsoft account. Use only compatible memory cards approved for use with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card. If you want to transfer your photos to a Mac, it is recommended that you use the Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac app, which you can download from www.

    Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable. Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data on your phone may be deleted. For more info, contact Nokia Care or your phone dealer. Unlock your phone Press the power key, drag the lock screen up, and type in your security code.

    View your notifications Swipe down from the top of the screen. Change how incoming calls are notified Press a volume key, and tap Pause or resume music, or skip to another song Use the music player controls shown at the top of the screen. Type in a PIN code for your Wallet.

    For more information, contact Nokia Care or your phone dealer. IMEI This is used to identify phones in the network. You may also need to give the number to Nokia Care services. To help you get the most out of your phone, there's a user guide in your phone with additional instructions. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Nokia Care. You can also go to www. Always return your used electronic products, batteries, and packaging materials to dedicated collection points.

    This way you help prevent uncontrolled garbage disposal and promote the recycling of materials. All materials of the device can be recovered as materials and energy. Check how to recycle your Nokia products at www. About Digital Rights Management When using this device, obey all laws and respect local customs, privacy and legitimate rights of others, including copyrights.

    Battery and charger safety Always switch the device off and unplug the charger before removing the battery. To unplug a charger or an accessory, hold and pull the plug, not the cord.

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    When your charger is not in use, unplug it. If left unused, a fully charged battery will lose its charge over time. Some wireless devices may interfere with some hearing aids. Your device complies with FCC rules on hearing aid compatibility. These rules require an M3 rating or higher. The M value of your device is marked on the device sales package. To determine the M-rating of your hearing aid and compatibility with this device, consult your hearing health professional. Microsoft Mobile when you use the phone for the first time.

    This information may be used as specified in the privacy policy, available at www. Microsoft, Windows and Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.

    User guide & Getting started: Nokia Lumia 635

    Nokia is a TM of Nokia Corporation. Most useful pages: Page of Go. All rights reserv Page 66 - Microsoft Mobile. Page 67 Page 68 - Microsoft Mobile. User Guide Nokia Lumia Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Hide Hide permanently. Previous page. Next page. Nokia Lumia User Manual pages.

    Nokia Lumia Start Manual 36 pages. Summary of Contents for Nokia Lumia Page 1: Page 2 Care. Page 3: Page 5: For Your Safety For your safety Read these simple guidelines. Page 6: Get Started Get started Get to grips with the basics, and have your phone up and running in no time. Page 7 1. Page 8 5. Page 9: Page 10 4. Page Switch The Phone On 7. Charge Your Phone Switch the phone off Press and hold the power key, and drag the lock screen down.

    Page 13 1. Page 15 Nokia Lumia is your Microsoft account. Connect The Headset Unlock the keys and screen Press the power key, and drag the lock screen up. Antenna Locations Do not connect products that create an output signal, as this may damage the device. Basics Basics Learn how to get the most out of your new phone.

    Page 20 Use the touch screen Explore your phone with a tap, swipe, or drag. Page 21 Example: Page 22 Important: Page 23 Tip: Page 25 5. Official charge rate. Removable Battery. Standby Time hrs. Talk Time mins. Width mm. Height mm. Depth mm. Weight g. Ambient Light Sensor. Digital Compass. Fingerprint Sensor. Proximity Sensor. Multimedia messages. Text messages. Size Inches. Touch Screen. Sound Formats. Video Formats.

    Image Formats. Document Formats Application Required. Device memory. Card slot. Card max size. Contacts on phone. SIM Type. Camera type. Flash type. HD Video recording. Resolution max. Secondary camera resolution max. Video recording. Zoom type. Document Viewer. Dust Resistant. FM Radio.

    windows phone lumia 635 manual Windows phone lumia 635 manual
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    windows phone lumia 635 manual Windows phone lumia 635 manual
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