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The Windows Phone Store is also growing fast. But for now, if you're loyal to a particular mobile app or service, make sure it's available on Windows Phone before committing to the platform.

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Android offers Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant that can help business users stay on track and never miss a call or meeting. The service works by monitoring your activity within the Google ecosystem and pushing relevant notifications to you as they're detected. In practice, the service can notify you of traffic delays, weather, upcoming appointments and much more. The iWork for iOS apps are fully integrated with Apple's desktop iWork applications, letting users view and edit documents seamlessly on multiple devices.

The latest iteration of iOS also adds features such as AirDrop, which lets users share files with a single tap, as well as a revamped email app with the ability to add auto-sorting mailboxes and view PDF annotations. Windows Phone is the only mobile platform with Live Tiles, which update in real time to display relevant information right on your home screen, ensuring you never miss a message or meeting. The platform's biggest draw for business users, however, is its full integration with Microsoft Office.

Security is a top concern for business users who handle sensitive information, such as private client data, on their mobile device. It's easy to side-load an unapproved app on an Android phone by downloading and installing the application from a source other than the Google Play store. Google is also more relaxed about which apps it allows to appear in its app store, and the fragmented Android landscape makes it trickier to patch vulnerabilities.

In most cases, however, your files should be secure if you stick to apps from trusted sources only. Apple's iOS is a highly secure mobile operating system. It's virtually impossible to install apps from unofficial sources -- at least without a concerted effort — and all apps are reviewed and approved before they become available to download in the App store. On the security front, the Windows Phone platform is comparable to iOS. All apps are reviewed and approved by Microsoft, and unlike on Android there's no need to consider dedicated anti-virus and anti-malware software.

Currently, Apple sells just three version of the iPhone: Power users can opt for the 5S, which packs a fingerprint scanner for added security in addition to powerful hardware; meanwhile, the 4S is still speedy enough to satisfy a business user on a budget. It will stop unauthorized site from opening.

All apps are sandboxed so no virus. All windows apps are very compact and smaller in size than android hence even 1gb ram, 8gb internal memory and mAh battery windows phone is still performing super fast compared to android with 3gb ram, 16gb internal memory and mAh battery. This is a challenge from Windows to android. Tiles show live information and are customizable. Everything can be easily searched in settings compared to android.

It is very very simple. Android only advantage is high number of apps. The day Windows has all the apps, android will be down in market. Those who say Windows is difficult then how are they able to operate computer because Windows mobile and computer are exactly same. You are partly correct; but highly misinformed. Windows phone is built from android source code; they are equally secure for the most part if kept updated. As for performance; "Android" phones are a huge classification of phone operating systems.

Windows Phone runs a modified android operating system that Microsoft has closed the source to. Billions of phones run Android even Chinese phones run modified versions of android's source code. Attacking "Android" phones as being bloated with useless apps that take tons of space is wrongly directed anger. This is the fault of phone carrier and manufacturer addons like Samsung apps and Verizon apps.

Difference between Android and Windows Phone

If you root an android phone, unlock the bootloader, you can install many custom ROMs that are much faster and don't contain all the bloat apps. For example; I'm on a verizon Samsung galaxy S5; stock it sucks, but I was able to hack the eMMC chip to unlock the bootloader and now I have a custom recovery bootscreen that allows me to choose from several different operating systems ROMs I have installed.

I like Resurrection Remix for features; but Lineage OS is the best as far as security updates and compatibilities. I have in the past installed a ripped copy of iPhone iOS yes that can be done. So please don't hate on android especially since your windows phone is running a variant of it. Anyone can fork Android and make their own custom OS Window phone is not meant for India and lack of apps in store. They donot have basic app in their store. It is not freindly to use. They have some useless app and few useful app haveing lack of features compared to android and it also hangs.

Windows 10 vs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow vs iOS 9.2 - Which is Faster? (4K)

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android vs windows phone ppt Android vs windows phone ppt
android vs windows phone ppt Android vs windows phone ppt
android vs windows phone ppt Android vs windows phone ppt
android vs windows phone ppt Android vs windows phone ppt
android vs windows phone ppt Android vs windows phone ppt

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