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iPhone Photo Apps: Which Ones Do You Need?

VSCO offers a unique user experience, encompassing the creative energy of photography, a sleek interface and a huge community of photographers to connect and create with. Highly recommended for those wanting evolve their Instagram to the next level. This entry on our list is probably more suited to those who have a real passion for photography and want an editing app that provides advanced editing functionality on the go.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom provides a lightweight adaptation of what you will find on the desktop version, allowing you to truly transform standard mobile images into stunning works of photography. The app comes stacked with tons of tools giving you the ability to change almost every single detail in an image, and of course preset filters are readily available. The app also houses a built in camera, with a pro mode that gives you control over settings such as Shutter Speed, White Balance and ISO. One of the unique features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the Creative Cloud Photography plan, essentially a monthly subscription with Adobe, providing benefits such as; access your media anywhere, sync photo edits across all devices, Photoshop CC and much more.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app is a must have for those who take the art of photography seriously, or even for those who want to learn more about photo editing. Prisma is a relatively new and upcoming photo editing app and it has already proved to be very popular.

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Prisma turns your standard photos into awesome art works through the use of filters. However these are not your average Lo-fi and Valencia—esque filters. You can completely change the aesthetics of an image to spice up your Instagram feed. Recently a social feature was also added, giving users the ability to create a profile and connect with friends. The only paid app on our list, Afterlight definitely earns its keep. The quality and simplicity of the app makes it a joy to use and the functionality is also second to none. Afterlight really shines pun not intended! This combined with the fine editing tools and the ability to export photos in high resolution, can really make for beautiful compositions.

One of my favourite features on Afterlight is the textured filters, in particular the light leaks. The filters very high quality and used on the right photo, it can make the light flares seem organic. Every filter and effect in Afterlight is fully adjustable giving you complete control over the final production.

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Fotophire Editing Toolkit

Try out these these editing apps and be sure to leave feedback, or perhaps you disagree with our list and have an alternative favourite, comment and let us know! This stunning app has all the characteristics of a professional photo editing software because the features it provides allow its users to have complete control over the photo editing process. VSCO can be used to take photos with the front and rear cameras, while its advanced camera settings can be used to adjust Exposure, White Balance or even set the picture's focus manually.

Editing photos with this app is both simple and fun because even the most advanced photo editing tools are easy to use. If you choose to install VSCO on your Smartphone you will become a part of a community that might help you improve your photographic skills. Pixelmator is much more than just a photo editing app since it also allows you to paint or design images.

1. Best Photo Editing App: Snapseed

However, the photo editing tools it provides are more than enough to process photos you want to share on Instagram. This app lets you clone parts of the picture, distort images in a number of ways, while it makes the color correction process look easy. In addition to professional photo editing features, Pixelmator also offers a lot of photo filters and effects that can be easily applied to a photo. Support for a large number of picture file formats is also provided, which means that you can import images edited in Photoshop, into this app. The fact that Enlight is the number 1 paid app in countries speaks a lot about its popularity, but its features make it one of the top options for editing photos.

If you want to create black and white photos, add an artistic touch to your pictures or create amazing collages, this all in one app can assist you. What's more, each tool offered by the Enlight app has a built-in masking that allows it to blend into a picture perfectly. This photo editor for iOS lets you share your photos directly from the app to any social media platform, including Instagram. Adobe Lightroom is considered to be one of the best photo editing programs ever created, and there is no reason to assume that the iOS or Android version of this photo editor is any less powerful.

The all in one app lets you record videos or take photos, while it also gives you access to the HDR mode that automatically extends the exposure scope.

The 17 best Instagram apps that'll seriously raise your filter game

Even though Photoshop Lightroom provides professional photo editing tools, the app is easy to use and it takes very little time to learn your way around this remarkable app that allows its users to create brilliant Instagram posts. This app is the photo filter heaven because it provides over textures, nearly 30 photo editing presets and it enables you to create your own filters. Mextures is a perfect choice for all iOS users that want to quickly edit their photos and share them on Instagram.

In addition, the app lets you use an infinite amount of layers on your pictures, which means that you can combine as many filters and effects as you want. You don't have to be a photo editing expert in order to be able to use this iPhone photo editor, as a matter of fact, Mextures is so easy to use that even the people who know nothing about photography can create inspirational Instagram posts with it. Each cent you invest in the Afterlight app is a cent well spent since it will enable you to create images that will impress your Instagram followers. In addition, the free version of Afterlight contains a lot of different textures and filters that can be applied to pictures with a single tap.

Users of this app also have free access to 15 cropping presets which provide a fast way to create photos that match Instagram's aspect ratio.

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Presenting yourself in the best possible light can be a crucial factor in making your Instagram account a success, and an app such as Facetune will certainly help you create flawless selfies and portraits. The app lets you beautify each detail of a face in just a few simple steps, and features like customizable filters or vivid makeup let you turn yourself and others into a work of art. Furthermore, you can improve your hairstyle, widen your smile or accentuate your eyes by easily applying effects that remove any imperfection from a photo.

A number of photo filters provided by the Facetune app also let you enhance the colors in your photos. If you think that achieving perfection is impossible you should try using Perfect , because this virtual makeup app provides all the tools you'll ever need to create a flawless portrait. Instagrammers who are searching for the perfect look can experiment with more than preset styles that can be applied to a photo with a single tap.

Lipstick, shadow or teeth-whiting features are also available, while the app's color options ensure that each photo edited with this app meets the highest aesthetic standards.

Despite its remarkable features, the free version of the Perfect app, lacks some vital options that must be purchased, which makes using the app a little expensive. Combining text and images must be done skillfully or it might ruin your picture. A powerful app such as Typic will provide you with the best tools available for adding text to photos, but these are just tools and you must find a perfect way to incorporate text into a photo.

The app provides access to different fonts, over designed elements and nearly a hundred photo filters, which can all assist you in creating perfect Instagram posts. Typic also lets its users adjust RGB colors manually, and it allows them to export photos in square, portrait and landscape formats. A perfect tool for adding graphic design elements to your photos, that can be used effectively to enhance the colors on your pictures. Font Candy features a rich font library and it allows you to adjust the opacity of the font or to curve the text.

Adding multiple text layers or animating text can help your Instagram photos get noticed and attract more followers.

best photography apps for instagram Best photography apps for instagram
best photography apps for instagram Best photography apps for instagram
best photography apps for instagram Best photography apps for instagram
best photography apps for instagram Best photography apps for instagram
best photography apps for instagram Best photography apps for instagram

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