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PhoneSpector is my personal choice for the best spy app on the market. It represents the departure from traditional spy apps to a more powerful, in-depth and easy-to-use app that is a better fit for todays mobile devices. Superb for spying on text messages and iMessages, you will not find a better text spy app, or cell phone spy app than PhoneSpector. Highster Mobile is an SMS tracker and text message spy software that has been on the market for nearly 8 years. It has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people to spy on cell phones and in particular, gather text messages from just about any mobile device on the market.

A superior text message spy, Highster Mobile not only enables a user to retrieve new text messages from any cell phone, it will also extract old and deleted text messages as well. The astonishing thing is that you can do all this without actually having the phone in your possession. It is not uncommon for users to report the extraction of text messages from up to one-year-old. If you are spying on a an iPhone and you are either unwilling or unable to jailbreak it, Highster Mobile is for you! Their No-Jailbreak program is tops in the industry and, in my opinion, is by far the easiest to use and most powerful.


Free iPhone Spy - Spy on someones iPhone Real-Time

I found that it captures more data, in less time, than any of the competing programs. Access to the monitored device is not necessary. Activation is pretty fast and fairly simple. I used the OTA over-the-air method to install the program, which allows for the app to be downloaded using only a WiFi connection. I entered my license key, then the telephone number of the phone I wanted see text messages from. I saw the content of each text, the date and time of the message and the phone number to which is was sent or received. I was pleased to see that it worked so well.

Any person who buys this program can actually call the number on the website and speak to a live person. The other is Auto Forward Spy. It also comes with free lifetime upgrades so you never have to buy another SMS text tracking program again. Visit their site: It allows users to view a targeted devices browser history, spy on text messages, take photos remotely and much more all without having the phone in your possession.

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Excellent customer support with LIVE people answering the phone. Of course, I called just to see if real people would actually answer the phone and if they knew what they were talking about, which they did. I was very pleased with how helpful they were. Good option for any phone. It will extract iMessages and text messages from all iPhones and iPads.

To use the no-jailbreak solution you do not need to install any software to the target phone. Data from the iPhone or iPad is extracted and displayed in your user account which can be viewed from your cell phone, tablet or computer. All you need is an Internet connection or a cellular data connection.

There are no additional costs or monthly fees associated with the purchase of this program. The customer support is among the best there is.

Part 2: Best Spy App on SMS from Another Phone Without Installing Software

Questions get answered quickly and issues get resolved immediately. It is my top choice for spying on iMessages and text messages of any Apple device and Android device. Ryan white January 8, at 6: Hunter Simpson January 8, at 6: I trust cyberghost too,the team was very helpful to me. Daniel Roots January 21, at 2: Lillian Morgan January 8, at 6: Kris January 11, at 8: Daniel Roots January 21, at Adam Davies January 27, at 5: Steve Austin January 8, at 6: Tony payne January 8, at 7: I place my bet on cyberghost Reply.

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Kris January 16, at Daniel Roots January 16, at 5: Nuel Fisher January 20, at 5: Daniel Roots January 21, at 8: John Stuart January 20, at 5: The Phone Tracker app uses GPS to track a phone's location, gives you a full log of all calls sent and received, and even shows you text messages and web activity. This information is available online after you create a free account. Not bad for a free app that isn't too difficult to install.

iPhone Spy For SMS, WhatsApp And Cell Tracking – 100% Free

Once it's installed, open the app, set up an account name and password, give the phone a nickname and you're done. Give it about 30 minutes after installing the app for the data to start appearing. The Phone Tracker website has several confusing ads at the top of the page. The button you want to press on the home page is the blue " Login " button. On the login page, enter your username and password and click the gray "Log in" button. You can also scroll down for the answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Spy On Text Messages Without Having The Phone

Phone Tracker is free and has versions available for both Android and Apple. However, installing spy apps in iOS is no picnic. Bonus tip: In the upper-right corner, touch the " Information " icon, which looks like a lower-cased I. Tap, " Send My Current Location " to instantly send a map of the phone's current location, one time only. Or just below it, " Share My Location ," which will continuously send the phone's location to your Apple gadget. To see the phone's location, go to your Messages app and find your child's contact. Tap the " Information " icon and a map will display the phone's location.

text spy app for iphone free Text spy app for iphone free
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text spy app for iphone free Text spy app for iphone free
text spy app for iphone free Text spy app for iphone free

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