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This week, I decided to listen to the voicemail to clear the icon, but giffgaff have already deleted the voicemail message, so now I'm stuck with this icon on my screen. Please can someone tell me how to get rid of it. If it's still there, call your own number and leave yourself a message, then listen to and delete it. Many thanks. Community Blog Labs. Self-help Ask the community Ask a giffgaff agent. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

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Did you mean: Enter a search word. Knowledge Base Forum. Labs Blog Studio. Knowledge Base. Give help. Remove voicemail icon from Nokia The star icon does not mean that your phone is world famous, not at all. Instead it aims to tell you that you have turned on a priority mode. This mode allows you to receive only notifications from contacts that you have added as favorites. It is also known as Priority Mode. Probably the most sought after icon by confused users, it means that you have turned on the NFC communication of your device.

It basically means the Near Field Communication. The technology allows you to e transfer data with nearby devices by connecting directly to it via wireless. It can be switched off from the WiFi or connection options. This icon basically means that your NFC Android Bean is turned on, meaning that you are transferring files via wireless quicker. This icon is basically the location icon, meaning that you have turned on either Google location, GPS service or some other type of location services.

This icon is very similar to the Location icon and it means that the GPS technology on your device is turned on. Both icons can be turned off from the Location settings on your device.

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This icon does not have anything to do with your parking skills. It does not forbid anything, instead it is simply a notification that you are in an area that does not have cellular connection and it means that you cannot make calls or send text messages. This icon aims to tell you that you have successfully made a screenshot on the screen of your phone by pressing a key combination. It is basically a square with mountain-like landscape inside. It can be removed fairly easily by clearing your notifications. If you see this icon, do not panic — BigBrother is not watching you, although you never know… The icon can be seen mostly if you have Samsung Android devices.

NOKIA 105 switch off headset mode - solution / Как отключить режим гарнитура ..

It has a function, known as Smart Stay. This function means that your screen will not go dark when you are looking at it. This interesting feature can be stopped from the settings menu. If you have come across this icon, do not panic, you are not in an active call and your monthly telephone payment is not going to be sky high.

This is the new feature that is used when the phone has set up a Wi-Fi call. This is a relatively new extra that allows users to make phone calls via Wi-Fi instead when the conventional mobile signal is weak. This icon basically means that your Android device is casting via wireless to another device that is connected on the network, like an Android smart TV for example. If you have this icon set up on your TV, then simply go over to YouTube and play a video and it will automatically appear there. This technology is known as Google Chromecast.

Besides these, newer and newer Android icons appear each day with newer and newer ones to appear. We have summed up lists that we have gathered from around the web underneath to provide further information regarding Android Icons:. In case you are experiencing issues with icons that are unfamiliar to you on your Android device, we are here to help.

Simply comment us below and upload a screenshot on your comment so we can adequately explain you what is the icon and how you can turn it off. Furthermore, for more information and the complete list of the material icons, you can visit their official website. Ventsislav has been covering the latest malware, software and newest tech developments at SensorsTechForum for 3 years now. He started out as a network administrator. Having graduated Marketing as well, Ventsislav also has passion for discovery of new shifts and innovations in cybersecurity that become game changers.

After studying Value Chain Management and then Network Administration, he found his passion within cybersecrurity and is a strong believer in basic education of every user towards online safety. More Posts - Website. Previous post. Next post. Hello, Could you post a link with the snapshot, I will have it approved after I check it. There is a little white triangle on the upper right corner of the device, it is blank, there is no letter with it. Data roaming is NOT enabled on the phone. I think that this symbol means that you may be close to the border of your State or country and may be picking up signal from the cell tower of the other region, which is in roaming itself.

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My note 8 has bot SIM slots in use, the signals icon apear. Let me know how to provide you the image for reference. Try uploading here; https: Hello TC, you can upload your photo using https: Hey guys the misses has a random notification symbol showing up on her phone, not too sure what it is but any help would be appreciated.

Hey sorry I thought I added image https: Hello, it seems as if this is the notification for low battery, but it might be something else.. I will check it and get back to you tomorrow. Can you tell if this notification appears when the battery is low? Tengo un galaxy A6 y en la parte superior del lado derecho aparese un triangulo con 2 flechas una marca para arriba y la otra para abajo que significan supuestamente el telefono es me podriad explicar que es maraca que tiene internet pero no lo agarra espero tu ayuda gracias.

Please post photos that are uploaded on online sharing services where they will stay there more than one day. For example:. My gtel has an icon which looks like an ID card — person and details. Ever since it showed up my messages,, call log,, email and gallery seem to be wiped.

I can receive and make call as well as text but there are no call records nor can I read the messages. Can you please upload an image and link it here so I can answer? This is surest. Please help me to sort out the problem. Hi there. I have a Galaxy S7 and just noticed this icon recently. Any idea?

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Thank you. I have a symbol on Android and cannot find it anywhere online. It is a phone hand set with the word LITE coming out from the earpiece. I can upload a screenshot if required. It could also be a third-party app. I have an icon that keeps appearing in the left hand corner. I think that this icon may mean that you have received an sms message of some sort and have not read it yet. When you read the message, it should dissappear.

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  5. It is on Huawei Mate 20 pro and I was unable to find any information on this icon. Hey, it says that the page does not exist. I have not seen this icon, but i do believe that it could be because of an application you might have installed. Check your open apps and see which is active, like a GPS speedometer or something of this type.

    Bed icon in upper left corner??? As far as I know, this could be related to a booking you have made for a hotel from an app and the app is aiming to notify you. The symbol is representing a triangle and inside it one downward arrow and one upward arrow are present and the triangle please help me ASAP. Do you know what this one is? I have a pixel 2XL.

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    I am not sure, but this is for people with listening problems and could be related to some sort of mode that is for deaf people. Hi I was wondering what the icon is. I thought my apps were closed I was wondering what that was. Check your weather app from the time and date. Change it to celsius and see if the icon will change.

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    This way you will be able to see if your weather app is causing this. If so, you should disable access to location from the weather app and it should not show you the weather anymore.

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    And how to fix it? It means you have interruptions disabled. How do I remove the Chromecast notification from ever showing up? It is the 7 in a circle in the upper left hand corner. My phone is not sending sound out so I was wondering if it had anything to do with that. Huawei P20 Pro is showing an icon that looks like a speedometer. It could also be a GPS speedometer app you may have installed. The icon os in the upper right side of a galaxy s4 active, it looks like a little padlock with an exclamation point in the center of it. Does anyone know what this means? I believe that it is some sort of account lock problem.

    Try turning off all your third-party apps to see if it is still there. It is where the normal data indicators are but sometimes there is just a dot. I have data capabilities when the dot is present. Anybody know what this means? Check your weather app and change it from Farehneit to Celsius to see if this is the Weather app. Can you tell me what this symbol is.

    nokia tape symbol on screen Nokia tape symbol on screen
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