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That's because of the gently sloping edges on the rear of the handset. The finish, which is mirrored on the rear of the Galaxy S7 Edge , is borrowed from the Galaxy Note 5 , and enables the phones to sit more snugly in the palm for a firmer, more comfortable hold. The Galaxy S7 is a phone you can grip confidently — unlike the iPhone 6S and LG G5, with their flat backs resulting in a slightly awkward position in the hand.

The metal and glass doesn't offer much in the way of grip, but because the phone is better positioned in the hand I felt like I was less likely to let it slip compared with the iPhone or S6. The size, shape and general design of the Galaxy S7 means it's easier to hold and operate one-handed too. I could reach the other side of the screen with my thumb with far less strain, and it required little to no shuffling in the hand to move around the whole display.

Returning to the rear of the Galaxy S7, the square camera bulge is still there, but this time around it's less protruding. Samsung has managed to flatten its snapper considerably since the Galaxy S6 — it's now down to just 0. It's not totally flat, which is something Huawei CEO Richard Yu was more than happy to tell us about at the launch of the P9 - a phone which has, as Yu put it, "no bump, no bump! Alongside it you'll find the LED flash and heart rate monitor — a feature Samsung insists on putting on its top-tier handsets, even though a smartwatch or fitness tracker is much better placed for this tech.

It also measures stress and O2 saturation levels, although it's unclear just how accurate these sensors are. It's there if you want it — just head to the S Health app — but I can't see it getting much use. What I noticed almost immediately, however, was just how much of a fingerprint magnet the Galaxy S7 is. The glass looks great, but I found myself frequently reaching for my microfiber cloth to smarten up the appearance of the S7.

It's exactly the same issue the Galaxy S6 had, and it's surprising that Samsung hasn't tried to address this with the S7. There was hope Samsung would address the single speaker setup it placed on the Galaxy S6, but alas it hasn't. It's kept the single speaker on the base of the Galaxy S7, rather than opting for dual front-facing offerings like HTC, Sony and newer Samsung phones. It's not a huge issue, but the result is sound from your movies, games and music can end up being muffled by your hand.

Two words: iterative perfection

Samsung has resurrected two features from the Galaxy S5 though, with a microSD slot and dust and water resistance both appearing on the Galaxy S7. This lets you build on the 32GB of internal storage by up to a further GB, giving you plenty of space.

It may be eclipsed by the S8 now, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains a solid smartphone in every way

Meanwhile, the IP68 water resistance has improved from the S5, allowing submersion of up to five feet for 30 minutes, plus there's no annoying flap covering the charging port. The micro USB port has been waterproofed, but the S7 won't charge if it detects water in its hole.

If you've taken the phone for a plunge in the bath, you'll need to dry the charging port before plugging in. Samsung hasn't reinvented the wheel with the design of the Galaxy S7, but it didn't need to. The Galaxy S6 was an excellently styled device, and the S7 has managed to improve on that.

At first glance, the S7's screen appears to be the same as the 5. The resolution is still 2, x 1,, giving you a pin-sharp ppi pixel density. That's no bad thing, as the screen on the S6 was excellent — but Samsung's made things even better on the Galaxy S7. The folks over at DisplayMate have run independent, objective scientific analysis on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge displays, and the results show performance improvements across all tests versus their S6 predecessors.

With just one charge, the Galaxy S7 will survive through the day, even with heavy use. In addition, the supplied charger can fully juice the battery in 90 minutes and the energy-saving modes are smart, functioning better than similar solutions found on other devices.

Samsung has taken this criticism on board and installed a 3,mAh battery in the Galaxy S7, up from the 2, mAh found on the Galaxy S6. Nacho Nieto, Head of Technology and Platforms at Samsung, explained to us that the battery in the S7 is malleable and, because of this, a 3,mAh variant was the only option. The moldable battery can also be customized so that it fills available space within the phone, which was not possible with the battery used in the S6. Samsung also equipped the S7 with some software features intended to save battery life.

These features keep an eye on when the device is being used and put apps into a deep sleep mode when they have been ignored for three days. This provides an extended standby time without limiting functionality. When other manufacturers attempted to include similar features, it meant that sometimes messages or emails arrived late, making the feature more annoying than useful.

Samsung did a good job of addressing concerns users had with the Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S series

The Galaxy S7 surely warrants its asking price. It excels in all the key areas: Above all, the Galaxy S7 has, thanks to its traditional but polished design, gilded itself with a certain prestige that you only otherwise see with the iPhone - but you get it for much less money. Just received my S7 upgraded from S6. Yes, it has some better specs, but in daily use you can't tell a difference and some aspects are worse.

There are several annoying changes. For example, they removed the perfectly good stock music and video players. Now you have to go download them, and when you do they no longer function with S-Voice. At a cost of several hundred dollars I'd prefer my devices to be visually attractive, but that's just me. The black S6 had the bright home button bezel and speaker which matched the metal on the case, and there was a very subtle blue tint surrounding the screen which made for a high-quality look.

Direct comparisons of photos taken with the S6 and S7 does not reveal any major subjective improvements, and the loss of the Video is less smooth on the S7, and the front facing camera on the S7 takes noticeably less sharp pictures.

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The expandable storage is a plus, but I had plenty of space on my 64Gb S6. How stupid is that? Worked fine on my S6. Yes, the battery is a little bigger. Yes, it has a slightly faster processor. Yes, you can drip some water on it. But overall the S7 is unimpressive and certainly not worth upgrading to from an S6. I wish I could be in the design meetings with Samsung execs to save them from themselves when they are making idiotic decisions about their flagship devices.

I'm still using a Galaxy Note I'm not changing mine. The Galaxy Note 4 is 8 cores, 3gb ram, the same resolution and oled screen than the new ones If you want to go back to the good old times you need to go back to the Note 4, that was the end of the good old times with Samsung. Samsung gives phones 2years updates. Samsung galaxy s PIA Need a simple way to go back to marshm. I had the honor to test the S7 Edge for a few hours. The best phone that touched my hands so far. If I had a chance to have it I would definitely go with a modular case so I can give the best care to this baby. Next stop the Pixel: I was user of huawei phones, but since when huawei phone ditched me i just hate it now, was going out for long trip and just took my backpack over my shoulder and cell was hanged up and unable to work again, later on I decided to go for Iphone 6s plus but after getting reviewed between 6s plus and S7 edge I'm down again to an android phone.

P ; can't wait to buy.

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I bought S7 few days ago. Before that i used LG G4 for more than a year. S7 camera is maybe better for low light conditions, but overall G4 is better shooter. And sound quality is really bad, but that is due to water resistant capabilities of device. In every other way S7 is great device. I recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the review. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a very great high-end device, but it's very expensive too, I only can afford about 1 in 10 of this price. Okay, so I have the galaxy S5 now and it is seriously on its last leg. Will glitch all of the time, back out of my texts, overheat, and will lag like a solid 45 seconds, or just say everything has "unfortunately stopped".

I am stuck between getting the galaxy S7 is it worth it? I obviously love the galaxy since I have always had one, but the iPhones seem more known and more things such as chargers and cases are readily available at a reasonable price. IPhones rarely seem to lag and I own other apple products that I can link it up to. I do not use my phone for much more then social media, some small photo editing, text messaging, and for email and sports apps, which every smart phone is capable of doing. Please help, I'm legitimately cannot make a decision. I think it's about time for a new phone.

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I like iphone, however, after several updates, iphones are known to lag. As the phone updates more and more the phone starts to lag more and more. I would go with the galaxy s7 or the s7 edge.

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The s7 edge is the only phone on the review site "CNET" to receive a perfect 5 out of 5, and it's the fastest phone out right now. It will be faster than the iphone 7 as apple doesn't upgrade the hardware until the "S" models. So the iphone "7s" will an upgrade in internal specs not the "7". Also, the s7 edge and the s7 are said to be the best phones ever created pound for pound. I have to charge it at least twice a day. I cannot count on my phone lasting me the whole day unless I charge it.

I unplug my phone around 6 or 6: I hate that and I rely on a charger to get though my day. I just want my phone to last me a full day so I don't have to worry about having to charge my phone at all. I would go to Amazon and check out charger cases for Galaxy S5. I purchased a UNU Unity amp and if u check it out you will find that your phone will still maintain a slim line and not weigh very much more.

I bought one and absolutely love it. I have checked out the batteries with moderate and heavy usage and have not had to charge it for 10 hours. Nice product. I preordered the I-blades modular case since battery is not the only upgrade I'm after. Verizon releases security update for Samsung's flagship phones Ming-Chi Kuo spills the beans on Ap Details of the Intel 9th gen H-seri Please share our article, every link counts! Codrut Nistor - News Editor. Although I have been writing about new software and hardware for almost a decade, I consider myself to be old school. I always enjoy listening to music on CD or tape instead of digital files and I will not even get into the touchscreen vs physical keys debate.

samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date
samsung galaxy s7 release date Samsung galaxy s7 release date

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